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01 Jun 2016
 How does Local Connect Local Jail Call Phone Number service work?

When you sign-up, you receive a phone number that is local to the jail facility where your inmate is found. When the inmate calls your brand-new number, the call is redirected for your cell phone charged with a local rate from the Jail Phone Provider including Securus, GTL, PayTel (Pay-Tel), IC Solutions and service ConnectNetwork. You now save a lot of money on every call around.

Talk to your loved ones in jail for cheap

Because all inmate calls from jail or prison (or any detention facility) are collect calls each jail facility has their own in house phone provider. And that means you must have an account with this jail/prison phone service provider to help make any calls.

LOCAL JAIL CALL SERVICE helps save money on every call by giving you your own Special Jail Contact number which is a local call for the jail facility where your inmate is found.

This enables your inmate to produce a local call to call you. So you can forget huge long distance jail calling charges; you spend only the rate for a local call that is generally 80% to 85% below the normal high cost. Because we offer you with a local number so that when the inmate calls that number it rings in your phone. You will save up to 80% by using us. The Jails really do not like us because we have been reducing your Jail phone bills and big profits from your misery.

Talk to your loved ones in jail for cheap


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